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  *Pre-order for Valentines Day*
Enjoy an intimate four course dinner experience with yourself and your sweethearts! 
(Inquire in chat box or email: for menu & price)  

You Deserve Good Food!

Whenever possible we serve food that  our friends grow…locally and organically.

We’re here to help people like you skip the grocery store and everything else because you deserve to treat yourself!  Our delicious meals are delivered to your door or office.

In addition to our delivery service our catering service ranges from intimate dinner parties to swoon worthy gatherings. Regardless of size, we are committed to executing all events with attention to detail and expert service. 

                            *Gift Certificates Available*

Serving North Adams, Williamstown, Adams and Clarksburg. 

We request a 48 hour window for all orders due to our high volume. 


Bringing good food into your everyday. That's our mission.


 Whatever you crave, we can help.

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